4th axis Calculators

IPM to Degrees per minute
Feed inch per minute
Position on radius
Get Degrees per minute
Degrees per minute
Degrees per minute to IPM
Degrees per minute
Position on radius
Get feed inch minute.
Feed per minute
Position of tool tip on radius
Degrees per minute
Feed per minute
Get position on radius
Position on radius


Degrees per minutes:
The number of degrees the tool tip will traverse along an arc relative to the center of rotation during a 1 minute time interval.
IPM: (Feed inch per minute)
The distance in inches traveled during a one minute time interval.
Position on radius:
The distance that the tool tip is from the center of rotation.
4th Axis: (Usually the A axis)
A work holding device that add a rotary movement along one of the 3 main axes; X, Y, or Z.
The position of tool tip on radius calculator is basically a play on math. I am not sure if there is a practical use for it but I just thought I’d put it in there. - Martin

Last Updated: 12 April 2015

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